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The Project

An industry-leading automated machinery business were in the process of creating a new brand called “Stone Tech Talk” to produce informative content around their machines. They needed to build a new website and wanted to design a logo for their new brand.

The Process

First, we did some research. We wanted to understand everything the brand stood for and how the machines were made so we could make a perfect logo that fully represented the brand. We agreed on a color scheme with the client and then it was time to start the designing. We created 50 logo mock-ups with all different styles and color variations. During this first round, the client told us which ones they liked and which ones they didn’t. We designed 20 more logos with our client’s preferences in mind. Again the client gave us their feedback. We designed 10 more final logos and one was chosen as the winner. We made a few tweaks to the final design and delivered the final logo package to the client.

The Results

The client loved the final logo and how the “diamond design” matched the cutting pattern of their machines. We delivered a full logo package to the client, which included: High resolution .png files, vector files, social media files, color variations, logo overlays, font files, hex codes, and brand information. The client then implemented the new logo and brand materials on their website.

Josh has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist when it comes down to the final product. He has a wide skill set which is helpful when you’re seeking a marketing professional. Josh designed a logo for a newly created division of a company I am a consultant for. I was so relieved to be able to lean on him for this piece so I could work on other parts of the launch. He is in high demand because he does great work! I hope we collaborate on other projects in the future. Highly recommend!

Paige O.

Marketing Manager, Stone Tech Talk