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The Project

A local healthcare videography company, Pinwheel Pro, was looking for a way to increase their leads, acquire new video projects, and rebrand their company. They needed a system for automatically generating new leads and converting those leads to appointments. We offered marketing consulting on their rebranding strategy and also designed a lead magnet to increase their leads and sales.

The Process

During out consultation, we identified that Pinwheel Pro’s target market were marketing managers at local healthcare facilities. We gave them some strategies for how to reach these contacts via LinkedIn and how to pitch them on their offer. We designed a digital eBook which would help marketing managers achieve better campaign results, in less time. At the end of the 26-page guide, we included a section on Pinwheel Pro that included an about section, demo reel, contact information, and an invite to reach out for a meeting. We created a strategy and consulted Pinwheel Pro on how to implement the guide on their new website so that marketing managers could easily download the guide by submitting their contact information.

The Results

Pinwheel Pro now had a marketing asset that offered value to marketing managers and showed managers how they could utilize professional videography to achieve better results with their marketing. Pinwheel Pro was now able to collect email addresses 24/7 through their website or through digital advertising, which they could then leverage to setup meetings and acquire new clients and video projects.