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The Project

Michael Barr is an executive sales associate at a local health laboratory in the Tampa Bay area. He was looking to create a quick video that he could send to potential clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were on a quick timeline as the US government just released new regulations that Michael wanted to capitalize on.

The Process

Within 1 week, we worked together to create a script and a filming location. We set up professional lighting and began shooting. We took several different takes so we could create a couple different versions of the video. After shooting, the final edited video was complete in just a few days.

The Results

Michael now had a video sales pitch that he could send to potential clients. This saved him time and allowed him to maximize his reach despite being in the middle of the COVID-10 pandemic. By using the video, Michael was able to sign up several new clients and take advantage of a situation to help workplaces remain safe throughout the pandemic.